Pet crematorium

Photo: Pet Crematorium Switzerland AG

Fewer and fewer pet owners have the heart to dispose of their deceased pet via a public collection point for a rendering service After their death, many pets are taken instead to a pet crematorium and cremated there.

Pet owners can easily contact the nearest pet crematorium by phone to discuss any questions and formalities. Individual and compassionate care and advice are part of the services offered by modern crematoriums like Pet Crematorium Switzerland. Webpage:

Pet owners can choose between individual or collective cremation

In the case of individual cremation, only your own pet is cremated. This means that the ashes can be returned to the owner in an urn, ash bag or other container. The pet owner is then free to keep the ashes at home, bury them in a pet cemetery or scatter them.

To ensure the right ashes can be returned after individual cremation, incombustible tags with a unique identification number are attached to the animals prior to cremation. Seon and Dübendorf Pet Crematoriums use the IDsystem, which guarantees that pet owners only get back the ashes of their pet.

In collective cremation, several pets are cremated together. In this case it is not possible to return the ashes. But the ashes are treated with dignity at all times. Crematoriums offer different solutions here, such as burial in a collective grave or scattering the ashes in a scattering garden or special area. The cost of cremation depends on several factors, including the size and weight of the animal and the cremation method chosen.

Pet crematoriums in Switzerland

Pet Crematorium Seon
Pet Crematorium Dübendorf